H. Harry Asada Ford Professor of Engineering

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Undergraduate Researchers

Lab Alumni

Jun Maruyama, M.S. Research Topic: Station Information Service Project.

Kosuke Takeuchi, M.S. Research Topic: Mechanical Design and Control, Wearable Robots for Assisting Manufacturing Tasks

Zack Bright, M.S. Research Topic: Shoulder Mounted Supernumerary Robotic Limbs and interfaces for human augmentation in manufacturing

Federico Parietti, Ph.D. Research Topic: Wearable robots for human augmentation. Design and control of man-machine interfaces that expand the skills of the human user

James Torres, Ph.D. Research Topic: the use of PZT actuators and mechanical strain amplification mechanisms for practical applications.

Chengyuan Yan, M.S. Research Topic: Guidance, navigation and control of robots in public spaces.

Baldin Llorens – Bonilla, M.S. Research Topic: Control and Coordination of Wearable Robots, Human – Machine Interfacing.

Lluis Enric Penalver-Aguila, M.S. Research Topic: the development of lightweight and efficient actuators through the combination and form factor optimization of PZT powered, rolling contact buckling actuators.