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4 Recent Publications in RA-L and ICRA 2024

We are pleased to announce that two papers have been accepted for publication in IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L):

  • I. Nozawa, E. Kamienski, C. O’Neill and H. H. Asada, “A Monte Carlo Approach to Koopman Direct Encoding and Its Application to the Learning of Neural-Network Observables.
  • R. Bolli and H. H. Asada, “Enhancing Elderly Mobility: A Sturdy, Two-Body Robot for Handlebar Placement in Any Location.”

In addition, two papers have been accepted to ICRA 2024:

  • E. Ballesteros, S.-Y. Lee, K. Carpenter, and H. H. Asada, “Supernumerary Robotic Limbs to Support Post-Fall Recoveries for Astronauts.”
  • K. Barhydt et al.

Congratulations to all involved!

2 Papers Accepted to IROS 2023

We are pleased to announce that two papers have been accepted for inclusion in the IROS 2023 program: “A Handle Robot for Providing Bodily Support to Elderly Persons” and “An Avatar Robot Overlaid with the 3D Human Model of a Remote Operator”. This is in addition to recent lab publications in RA-L, T-RO, and other academic journals.

We remain active in the fields of robotic eldercare, human-robot interaction, soft robotics, Koopman theory, SuperLimbs, and dexterous crane manipulation. Stay tuned for more!

6 Papers Accepted to ICRA 2020

This year the d’Arbeloff lab had a large number of accepted submissions to the 2020 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2020). As a lab, we had a record-breaking 6 papers accepted and presented at the virtual conference. On behalf of the whole lab, congratulations to Jacob, Dan, Filippos, Ryan, Hiroshi, and Haruhiko for the accomplishment.

D. Gonzalez – Passive Quadrupedal Gait Synchronization for Extra Robotics Legs using a Dynamically Coupled Double Rimless Wheel Model
H. Matsuo – Design of a Novel Multiple-DOF Extendable Arm with Rigid Components Inspired by a Deployable Origami Structure
R. Sanzimier – A Data-Driven Approach to Prediction and Optimal Bucket-Filling Control for Autonomous Excavators
J. Guggenheim – Leveraging the Human Operator in the Design and Control of Supernumerary Robotic Limbs
H. Eto – Development of a Wheeled Wall-Climbing Robot with a Shape-Adaptive Magnetic Adhesion Mechanism