d’Arbeloff Lab Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In academia, and especially STEM, we often think that our mathematical expertise and love for objective reasoning immunizes us and our work to biases toward people of a different race, sex, national origin, or disability status. Unfortunately, such discriminatory mindsets sometimes exist in our profession today and negatively influence actions toward others. It is our responsibility to foster attitudes of respect and mutual cooperation.

Therefore, the d’Arbeloff Lab commits to the following:

  • Recruit members of underrepresented groups to join our lab, including sending lab members to attend diversity in STEM conventions, such as NSBE or SACNAS
  • Participate in community outreach such as the Cambridge Science Festival and MIT Summer Research Program
  • Foster a fair and open environment where different viewpoints, opinions, and ideologies can be freely discussed

As engineers, we have a responsibility to the world to design and create tools that improve life. Independent action is necessary for the collective change that is due. It is therefore our responsibility to fairly present underrepresented voices in STEM.