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First Workshop (Online)

Second Workshop (In-Person with Online Option)

NSF ERC Planning Workshop

All collaborators of the NSF ERC for Connected Eldercare Planning Project are invited to the 2nd Planning Workshop on

June 15, 2022

8:00 am – 4:15 pm

at MIT

This is an In-Person Meeting with online participation option. Towards the submission of a preproposal due October 2022, we will discuss key components of our ERC proposal. The objectives of the Workshop are threefold:

  • Discuss and evaluate pilot projects to be funded for exemplifying convergence research at an NSF ERC for Connected Eldercare.
  • Showcase Connected Eldercare technologies with live laboratory demonstrations; clinicians and caregivers can access elderly homes and provide care services remotely.
  • Discuss 1) value proposition for stakeholders, 2) DEI plans, 3) workforce development strategies, and 4) ERC organization and governance.


A tentative program can be viewed here.


Registration is required for both in-person and online participation. Register by June 1, 2022, with Online Form here.


Travel expenses for in-person participation will be fully reimbursed in accordance with the NSF travel guideline. These include a round-trip airfare, local transportation, 1 or 2 nights of logging, and reasonable meals and incidentals. For those collaborators wishing to bring their students and post-docs, we encourage them to participate in the workshop with travel reimbursement. We expect participants from outside the Greater Boston will arrive the night before. The workshop will be concluded by 4:15 pm, so that participants can catch evening flights from Boston – San Francisco 6:30 pm, Atlanta 7:00 pm, etc.

Venue and Logistics:

The Workshop and laboratory demonstration will take place at the MIT main campus:

77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA 02139. Both breakfast and lunch will be served on the day of the Workshop.


Harry Asada, MIT, asada@mit.edu

Paolo Bonato, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, pbonato@mgh.harvard.edu June Ueda, Georgia Tech, jun.ueda@me.gatech.edu

Logistics and Administrative Inquiries:

Yvette Lai, yvettel@mit.edu


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